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New Sales App for Fluid Inventory Navigation


At SOUTH, the relationship we share with our historic office is symbiotic. The creak of original wood floors and chalky dust collected on exposed brick walls ignites our inspiration and cements the valued tradition of our namesake deep within the products we build. Hanging ornately from the exposed rafters, comfortably lighting our space are the products of Urban Electric Company. UEC products expertly blend tradition and modernity, and we were thrilled when they approached us with a unique project that required us to do just the same; harnessing the capabilities of digital publication software to equip their sales team for the future by bridging the traditional sales catalogue into a modern format.


Urban Electric Company


  • Application UI Design
  • Custom Web Application
  • Digital Sales Platform



02Bridging Tradition and Innovation

At its core, Urban Electric Company embodies the classic philosophical initiative of taking an old idea, and using it to develop something new and exciting. While the techniques employed in building their products evoke a reverence for the golden age of American manufacturing, the resulting fixtures often convey modernity and a sense of confidence in both content and craftsmanship. As UEC both responded to, and prepared for inevitable growth, a glaring need for a more efficient means of communication between customers and the UEC sales force became strikingly apparent. The team at SOUTH countered this need by developing a custom application that not only effectively catalogued UEC’s expansive and diverse product line; it also represented our most creative endeavor into the bustling field of digital publication.

03The Digital Afterlife

With the long forecasted death of print media entering its final stages, published documents have been twisted and molded into many forms. With the print element completely relegated, new mobile platforms have fueled a striking resurgence for media. In 2015, even the much-maligned magazine saw a +65% growth in mobile audience, compared to print and desktop.

Mirroring the philosophy of UEC, the SOUTH development team set out to migrate a custom catalogue that fused the capacity and functionality provided by digital integration with the aesthetic familiarity of a print magazine. With the landscape drawn, a new challenge in execution arrived in the form of cost management.

Regardless of your level of integration into the creative industry, you can likely identify Adobe as the sector’s foremost service provider; however, a recent, and frustrating, pricing update had barred all but the most lucrative publishers from accessing the renowned digital suite. After extensive research done in conjunction with UEC, alternative publishing software was discovered, and the software provided a robust development platform for our development team.

04More Than A Magazine

At first glance, the new UEC sales application is not a shopping periodical; rather it is a comprehensive tool that allows for fast and fluid navigation of an expansive database bursting impressive products. Simplicity in presentation maintains core brand aesthetics while strong functionality ensures performance. This strength represents the true length to which digital publishing software opens up tremendous possibilities.

The scalability of the application, both in design and functionality, is further bolstered by this initial approach, leaving plenty of room for future content growth and a possible conversion to a public-facing version.

05In Closing

The unique platform that resulted from this project has resonated loudly within the UEC team. This contribution to an improved sales process affords UEC the ability to present their beautiful projects in a worthy medium that further solidifies the value of their highly respected brand. The engaging platform affords both staff and potential customers alike the opportunity to experience UEC complete inventory of incredible products.

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