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In early 2017, SOUTH was tapped by Charleston-based software company In/Pact to design v1 of a new corporate giving platform. This new tool would allow the customers of major corporations to have a hand in deciding where that company gives philanthropically.

Properly executed, the platform will increase overall giving as well as provide companies with valuable information on their customers’ personal values — a gold mine for tailoring future marketing efforts and improving business.




  • Application UI Design
  • Product Design



02The Power of Personal Philanthropy

Core to the platform is a belief that allowing customers to dictate the direction of corporate philanthropy will create a more engaging customer experience.

In the past, companies would include giving opportunities in the form of one-off promotions … think soap companies giving a portion of sales to oil spill relief efforts. While poignant, the consumer is restricted in the direction of their philanthropy, brand by brand, and cause by cause.

With In/Pact’s platform, the same company could say: “Upon purchase, you’ll receive a portion of our philanthropic budget, and YOU decide what cause or organization it goes to.”

So how do we design a platform that embodies this sense of empowerment and captures enough customer data to help the business reach its goals?

03The Principles of eCommerce and the Customer Portal

Just like an eCommerce site used for retail, we approach securing a donation like a customer conversion. You can learn more about the principles for conversion with our product, Elevar, but it’s important to note here the primary question in the design process: How do we get customers into and through the conversion funnel in the simplest, most engaging way possible?

The same principles employed in developing an effective eCommerce website were applied to In/Pact’s customer portal, including:

  • Guiding access to the funnel by highlighting high-level options that would appeal most to consumers.
  • Clearly displaying cause and organization information, minimizing external navigation and building user trust.
  • Collecting payment information via a secure and familiar method.
  • Rewarding consumers and prompting further engagement through donation verification.

04Cause Management: The Company Portal

The client portal allows companies to customize their campaigns and causes within In/Pact’s overall framework. Since the charities are essentially entering a marketplace, we made sure to provide them ample opportunity to express their mission, and inform and inspire visitors to donate to their cause. The company-facing elements maintain structural consistency with the user side, focusing on ease of use and the clear presentation of information.

Image of a Laptop Computer

05Making an "InPact"

At SOUTH, we design and build a diverse array of products for clients and ourselves. But at our core, we still see philanthropy as a primary driver of our company philosophy. Designing giving platforms aligns with our earliest calling — using our skills to aid those in need. The unique opportunity to combine the giving platform design process with the corporate conversion goals made designing In/Pact a memorable team experience.

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