Blue Barn Juice

Faster Order Fulfillment: Fresher Products


From a branding perspective, the opportunity to work with Blue Barn’s vibrant and colorful product line was a designer’s delight. Letting the natural color of the juice shine through with clear packaging was a no-brainer. Developing an order fulfillment e-commerce platform that supported same-day delivery, order tracking, and a unique order subscription process on the other hand, that required all hands on deck from our development squad. The resulting platform had to be as light on its feet as Blue Barn’s product makes you feel.


Blue Barn Juice


  • Branding
  • Ecommerce
  • Product Design



02Cold, Raw and Fresh

The team at Blue Barn is relentlessly dedicated to improving the health of their customers by delivering the highest quality, cold-pressed juice. With their integrated eCommerce platform, Blue Barn is giving “Local, Fresh, Delivered Daily” a whole, new meaning.

Our goal at SOUTH was creating a brand that catered to their unique business model. Blue Barn refused to compromise on quality by staying true to their cold, raw, fresh-pressed approach. Because of this commitment, local drop-offs, overnight delivery and seasonal produce limitations dictated their production cycle. We adapted Blue Barn’s process to include recurring subscription plans, delivery calendars and generate custom order reports. Now that’s fresh.


03Begin With the Consumer

Blue Barn’s active audience is constantly working to create balance in their work-life schedule. This demanded that we develop a tool capable of keeping up with their customers. A responsive site and custom subscription payment system integrated into one of the most capable eCommerce platforms has allowed Blue Barn to engage with their committed followers on any device, anywhere.

04Linking the Supply Chain

The mission to communicate Blue Barn’s passion always started with their bottle. Our brand mark, equation, font treatment, color palette, and ‘born-on’ kraft paper label instills a sense of hand-crafted quality. As the customer drinks their juice, important information reveals itself, keeping the initial impression centered around quality ingredients — like the rest of their brand.

Launching a new company requires more than a website. It calls for supply chain management, content development, and physical collateral. We assisted Blue Barn in each of these areas during their launch. Consistent quality greets the customer no matter where their first impression occurs.

05Freshness Personified

The diverse experience garnered while working with Blue Barn still resonates within our team. Building a brand, complete digital presence, and supply process is a humbling reminder of the work it takes to get a company off the ground — an experience still relevant in the minds of the small team at SOUTH. As a company, working with a client with strong confidence and commitment to the integrity of their product is always refreshing. In this case, so was the juice.

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