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How can we help your business perform exceptionally? How can we sharpen our own methods and skills? Every day we challenge ourselves to be better, solving for next complex problem with innovative products. Of all our products, the most important one we’ve built is a culture of flexibility, efficiency and trust.

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Our Values

Family First

SOUTH’s family atmosphere is forged through shared struggle and triumph. We enjoy being together and have a deep respect for one another’s craft. As a team, we’re committed as much to each other as we are to you.

Stay Humble and Hungry

We carry our humble beginnings with us always: We built our tables and this agency by hand and take pride in every pixel that leaves the office. Our success has resulted from an unselfish team and a stable of incredible clients.

Never Stop Learning

We love what we do and always work hard to improve. Growing up in the South, we learned this craftsman mindset firsthand: Never stop progressing. We push each other every day, while allowing for the space to invent and create organically.

Build Better

These two words set our entire direction at SOUTH. No matter the task or project, we aim to build better products, results and relationships — and make them last. At SOUTH, excellence is the standard.

Live with Intention

Regardless of how small, each decision has an impact. We’re passionate about leading lives of purpose, balance, and fulfillment. We apply this same passion to our projects as well as to our day-to-day operations at SOUTH.

Every Pixel Matters

Our work is the product of what drives us. We pour all of our devotion and excitement into each task to create something truly inspirational every time. Your goals and our work matter to us.

John McGinn

Managing Partner

Nate Winkler

Managing Partner

Katlin Chadwick

Partner, Director of Client Strategy

Aaron Utterback

Account Executive

Alan Spears

Art Director

Callie Vega

Creative Operations Manager

Chris Wolf


Ilya Semenov

Software Architect

Parker Ives

Manager - Concourse Workspace

Paul Chelmis

Production Specialist

Phil Moody

Lead Front-end Developer

Tim Black

Front-End Developer
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